IONS Annual Conference

On July 21, Deborah will teach a day long, pre-conference session at IONS Annual Conference. in Chicago, IL. As Deborah says, "Living awake entails far more than reading about enlightenment or developing mental concepts of what living awake means. Living spiritually awake is an embodied awareness from which conscious thought, word and action emerge."

During this highly experiential, pre-conference session participants will explore embodied wakefulness, receiving a true taste of Mystery School.

Raffle Tickets for Mystery School Tuition

As part of the 2016 Graduate Reunion fundraising activities, raffle tickets for Mystery School tuition are now available to purchase. Historically, these raffle tickets have only been available for Graduates to buy for friends and/or family. This year, Nine Gates opens the raffle ticket opportunity to individuals interested in coming to the Mystery School. Two Mystery School tuitions (valued at $3,950 each) will be raffled away. Room and board are not included in tuition.

Graduate Information Update Request

Please use this form to submit your updated information to the Graduate directory.

A Mystery School representative will review your request and confirm within 48 hours.

Graduate Trip to Egypt

Out of the Womb of Egypt, access to the great mysteries was born. Egyptian priests (al-Khemists) knew the visible and the invisible together constitute nature. They knew the divine plan underlying the world of Time, Space, and Causation could not be relegated to the Macrocosm, but rather must be experienced in the Microcosm through an internalization of spiritual faculties. They knew every man to be Osiris becoming Ra (God), and that the portal of death was a gateway into immortality. Light becoming light — god becoming God — the journey of human!


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