Get a taste of Mystery School as the teachers and graduates discuss brief topics about their spiritual paths hosted by Nine Gates' Teacher and Executive Director, Deborah Jones. 

Sobonfu Some - "The Role of Ritual in our Lives"
8/11/2011 (mp3/24.0MB)

Gay Luce - "An Experiential Journey Through The Human Energy System"
7/21/2011 (mp3/21.7MB)

Babaji Harihar Ramji - Bhakti - "The Practice of Love and Devotion"
7/7/2011 (mp3/23.0MB)

Munir Peter Reynolds - "Embodying Divine Presence"
06/16/11 (mp3/21.7mb)

Cynthia Bourgeault - "The Fine Art of Letting Go - Part 2."
03/03/11 (mp3/17.5mb)

Eric Best - "Fire Walking as a Spiritual Initiation."
03/03/11 (mp3/22.9mb)

Graduate Panel - "How Mystery School Affected My Life."
02/10/11 (mp3/22.2mb)

Michael Eller - "Awakening the Natural Soul."
01/20/11 (mp3/21.7mb)

Shabda Kahn - "The Path of the Heart."
01/20/11 (mp3/5.0mb)
- (Europe Series)

Gay Luce and Deborah Jones - "The Role of Mystery Schools in Human Evolution."
12/9/10 (mp3/6.9mb)

Shabda Kahn - "The Path of the Heart."
12/9/10 (mp3/6.6mb)

Cynthia Bourgeault - "The Fine Art of Letting Go."
9/9/10 (mp3/8.6mb)

Gay Luce - "Speech as a Spiritual Practice."
8/12/10 (mp3/8.5mb)

Margaret Thompson - "Vision Quest - Meeting Your Self on the land."
7/22/10 (mp3/7.4mb)

Ashana - "Dancing with the Sound of Oneness - the Ecstacy of Healing Through Sound."
7/8/10 (mp3/8.3mb)

McKenzie Magee - "The Conscious Midlife: How to navigate the Six Universal Crises and Thrive for the Rest of Your Life."
3/4/10 (mp3/6.8mb)

Mali Leach - "What it means to live in the Fire of Change."
2/4/10 (mp3/9.1mb)

Megan Wagner and Jim Larkin - "The Tree of Life - an Integrative Spiritual Practice."
1/14/10 (mp3/10.8mb)

David Patten - "Beginnings and Endings in the Midst of Life: The Sun Standing Still."
12/10/09 (mp3/9.4mb)

Deborah Jones - "Tantra - An Embodied Experience of Unity Awareness."
8/20/09 (mp3/12.4mb)

Brenda Sanders - "A Scientist's Kundalini Awakening."
8/5/09 (mp3/6.4mb)

Onye Onyemaechi - "Visions & Insights for Adulthood."
7/23/09 (mp3/11.7mb)

David Patten - "Solstice and the Druidic Calendar."
7/2/09 (mp3/9.3mb)

Della Boles and Angela Harding - "Hospice Service and the Sacred Passage."
3/26/09 (mp3/12mb)

Barbara Arney - "Insights on the Enneagram."
3/5/09 (mp3/10.5mb)

Rev. Cynthia Bourgeault - "Jesus as Tantric Master."
1/22/09 (mp3/8.2mb)

Deborah Jones - "Mystery Schools - Past and Present."
1/15/09 (mp3/1.7mb)

Baba Harihar Ramji - "Living a Meaningful Life."
12/4/08 (mp3/7.0mb)

Joseph-Mark Cohen - "All our relations - Angels, Alchemy & the Inner Guides, a kabbalistic perspective."
8/28/08 (mp3/2.7mb)

David Patten - "Survival - A First Chakra Perspective."
7/24/08 (mp3/2.5mb)

Baba Harihar Ramji - "Living Fully in Each Moment, Even in Turbulent Times."
6/26/08 (mp3/5.4mb)

Gay Luce - "Don't Play Dice With Dying"
3/13/08 (mp3/5.4mb)

Sobonfu Some on
"The Importance of Community in Spiritual Practice"
2/21/08 (mp3/5.88mb)

Graduate Panel on
"Why I Almost Didn't Go To Mystery School"
2/12/08 (mp3/5.58 mb)

Rev. Cynthia  Bourgeault on
"Centering Prayer:  A Christian Daily Practice"
1/24/08 (mp3/5.98 mb)

Youth Mystery School graduate panel
1/22/08 (mp3/13.1mb) - Youth Mystery School Experiences

Sufi Pir Shabda  Kahn on
"Spirituality in Everyday Life"
1/17/08 (mp3/4.12 mb)

Mark Saito, Hawaiian Kahuna on
"A Hawaiian Shaman’s Perspective on Intuition and Inner Guidance"
12/13/07 (mp3/4.75 mb)

Diane McGhee on "Love, Wholeness and Spirit" 2/17/07 (mp3/4.59 mb)

Nine Gates / IONS Teleseminar 2/02/07
"Mystery School - The Door of Transformation Opens Inward"

Mark Saito, Hawaiian Kahuna, on
"Inner Journeys to your own Spirituality "
1/12/07 (mp3/4.5 mb)

Gay Luce on "Consciously Navigating Life by Using Spiritual Energies" 12/11/06 (mp3/4.12 mb)

David Patten on "Using the Oghams to Gain Personal Insight" 12/09/06 (mp3/3.77 mb)

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